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Jessie is also running to save lives

Climb For Kids participant and my girlfriend, Jessie Alan is joining me on the big run over in China next week. She put together this fun video to encourage folks to support her in the event. I love it. If

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Youngstown Football Coaches

ESPN ran a interesting story about my hometown and why there are so many NCAA football coaches from there. No, I didn’t go to Cardinal Mooney — however, I knew a lot of people who did.

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Almost Live!

I was explaining Billy Quan to a friend of mine yesterday who wasn’t from Seattle. They didn’t even know about the TV show Almost Live!, so I had to explain it. Here’s a classic Billy Quan video from Almost Live!.

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how the dinosaurs really died

When you have a little girl who is currently passionate about dinosaurs, you need to make do with what you can. Thus when Pacific Science Center was closed today, Ella and I decided to make a cute movie about how

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Steelers – Birth of a Nation

I was feeling a little homesick this evening, so I thought I’d post this. It was taped just after SuperBowl XL in Detroit and it demonstrates the tradition of the Steelers and what it means to the city of Pittsburgh.

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CERN – colliding and raving

Spent yesterday touring the CERN facility in Geneva. They have this visitor’s dome that is essentially a big rave, well at least I thought so. Check out the pictures on Flickr and the video below. Movie inside the CERN dome

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So. Much. Win.

We were at Magnuson Park this morning, and Ella insisted on wearing this pylon. Hilarity ensues. Thank gawd my iPhone was handy (love the HD video!) Ella has fun at the park from Climb For Kids on Vimeo.

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