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Newborn reflections

Every year around this time, I sit down to reflect on another year without my dear Emma. It has been six years since that tragic day, and yet this year it feels more real than the previous five. Over the

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Here comes the sun

Today is a typical cold and rainy morning in Seattle. Nothing like it was five years ago when I was called into Children’s Hospital at 7am. It was sunny, not many people were awake yet, but I was oblivious to

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And pierogie makes three

Tonight, Ella and I watched the sunset and she picked up a photo of Emma. “Ella, who is that?” “She is my sister who died.” At only three years old, Ella seems to have grasped the concept of death. She

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The Power of 7

As most of you are obviously aware, I am a Steelers fan. No, scratch that. I live and breathe every morsel of information regarding the Steelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As many of you discovered, I

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Climb For Kids – Ruth Mountain 2010

I was incredibly honored to help Benni Sack up Ruth Mountain this past weekend. Emma even said hi to us (pic on left). She has a great write up about her adventure on the Climb For Kids website. Pix are

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Cosmic Highlighters

Sometimes coincidences happen and they are simply coincidences.  Other times, the coincidences pile up so high that you know something is amiss.  Today was one of those days when I knew something was amiss. Get ready for another installment of

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My little pierogie

Today marks the unfortunate anniversary of Emma’s death two years ago. I have spent many hours over the last few days crying and trying to understand what everything in the world means to me. Last week, I was reading my

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