America Needs Talent – Meth head edition

Over the last three days, we’ve discovered a new neighbor on our block. He listens to EDM very loudly and yells gibberish while walking down the streets. Obviously, our little neighborhood does not like this, not one bit. Apparently neither does the Seattle Police Department, as they have checked in on him every single day (well, it may have something to do with us calling them the last few days).


According to the SeattlePD, he hasn’t broken any laws so they are powerless to do anything. Thus, in addition to calling the cops, I thought you all might like to get a taste of what our friend has to offer. I was going to set up a site so we could all vote on his dancing, but turns out that I have kids and I had barely enough time to capture and edit this gem. This was this morning over a 35 minute period. And yes, we are trying to contact their landlord to see if he can do something about it. Enjoy.


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