Willows Inn – Lummi Island – Birthday Dinner 2013

For my 42nd birthday this year, Jessie decided to take me to Willows Inn over on Lummi Island. The head chef (who is a really nice guy!) was trained at what is now commonly known as the best restaurant in the world – Noma , found in Copenhagen.  Willows Inn was recently named the best food lover’s hotel in Seattle, and was number 3 in the US. The food here is poetic, not rich. It is one of the few meals where I felt great, not stuffed, after consuming a mind blowing 17 courses. Most of it is farmed or foraged on the island.

I have photos of most of the courses below. The biggest a-ha moment was the juice pairings. If you go here, make sure one person has the wine pairings and the other has the juice pairings. I actually found the juice pairings to be much more interesting than the wine. When you get to Willows Inn, chances are you will be an hour early due to the ferry schedule. Just settle in, and enjoy a lovely Willows Old Fashioned that is made with Rye and Maple. It’s amazing.

Once you are seated, the food starts coming quick. Make sure you spend the time to enjoy each and every morsel. My favorite food of the night was the kale with truffles – it was just incredible. I’d put the weathervane scallops followed by the charred radicchio as my next favorites. The photos below were all taken by candlelight by my iPhone 5 with no flash.

This meal was easily in my top 5 meals of all time. I’d have to think long and hard to find a meal that was better. During your meal, make sure you peak into the kitchen. You’ll discover 6 chefs all delicately constructing each course with eye droppers, cooking tweezers and tiny spoons. These artists create masterpieces out of food. It is a joy that I hope you all can experience once.

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