Curse of the Terrible Towel

Myron Cope once said the Terrible Towel is just a towel, but in the playoffs it gets mystical powers. TJ Houshmandzadeh should take note and remember that warning. Back in the 2005 AFC playoffs, while he was with Cincinnati, Housh decided to desecrate the icon by cleaning his shoes with a Terrible Towel.

Little did he know that that little incident would come back to haunt him. The curse of the towel is real. The wikipedia entry on the curse has already been updated to include this fabulous drop from TJ when the game was on the line today. It was a very easy reception for the veteran, which would have given the Ravens an opportunity to tie the game, but alas the curse prevailed. Others should heed the warning, “the Terrible Towel is poised to strike”.


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