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Prada is not that lonely

You might remember that we recently took a road trip in an effort to understand Emma’s tragic death and to search for answers why. As with each trip I’ve taken across the US, I stop at bizarre and interesting places

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10 Words or Less

As part of Emma’s donation, we’ll be placing a plaque on or by the new swing set.  It’s turning out to be much harder to figure out what to say than we thought, so we’d love your help.  The parameters: 10

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Swing Life Away

When I signed the girls up for Microsoft benefits at the end of last year, I was offered the chance to get child life insurance.  I was leaning against it until I saw it was only a couple of bucks

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Emma on Everest

As I mentioned in my eariler posts, my climbing partner and good friend Armand summited Everest this past month. Emma died while he was in Nepal, but I emailed him to let him know what was happeneing. I also told

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