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I have a golden ticket. Do you?

 Wanna go to ToorCon Seattle next year? Go buy your own golden ticket from this guy! Going price is $300. Comments #1 mattk12:00:00 AM Tuesday, May 15 2007

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Joost needs juice

I was invited to try out joost the other day and I must say it has a lot of promise. I really love the ability to watch high quality TV via an IP connection (IPTV). However, they have a LOT

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Yet another reason why Microsoft is losing the web services battle

As if you needed another reason to grasp why Microsoft is getting its butt kicked by Google, Yahoo!, eBay…pretty much anyone who wants to run a web service. I clicked on an ad for MSN Autos today and the page

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Squirrel Catapult

OK, OK, so it’s not the original squirrel catapult, but you have to agree this one is damn funny and its better than the original.  

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Entrepreneurs Anonymous filming

©2007 Entrepreneurs Anonymous – Friends don’t let friends create startups We spent the day today filming a short segment for Entrepreneurs Anonymous, and I must tell you it was a blast! I added a bunch of pix to the site

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Porsche Puzzle

I did a dumb thing. I stored my Porsche in my garage for the winter. Now that actually sounds smart, not dumb, right? Well, I forgot to disconnect the battery so when I went to start the car for the

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