Super Bowl Party at Mike’s Place

Bears warning


Mike Mike is a HUGE Bears fan. His parents used to own season tickets which they acquired back in 1933 at Soldier Field – they’ve recently stopped renewing the tix in the new stadium. Anyway, Peaboy Peaboy, Ellen and I went to Mike’s place to watch Super Bowl XLI. Mike invited about 25 people over for the event. It was really a lot of fun. His wife Vanessa even made a bunch of sausage rolls and Chicago style pizza. It was quite good. Mike got us all ready for game by showing his Super Bowl Shuffle DVD Super Bowl Shuffle. Please spare me. I forgot how incredibly bad that video was. To make the game more exciting, we even had a score contest where a random winner could win money at the end of each quarter.Score by Quarter I ended up winning $25! Woo-hoo.

Unfortunately, Mike was not as lucky as me. The Bears ended up losing the game (note the Colts did NOT win it, Rex gave it away), but the game was not a total loss. I was able to capture Mike singing the Bears fight song. If you can’t see the video below, go here.

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