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I had a hard time getting Ruby running under IIS. I’m beginning to believe that it doesn’t work. That’s been a pain in the ass so I decided to blog about something else. I want to rant about what might be the most out of touch city in the world, Boston. Fear mongering has gone to new lows given the ATHF bomb scare yesterday. Sure the city was shut down, but c’mon people… doesn’t a single person in the city ever watch Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. How does light brites glued to a circuit board dictate a bomb? I’m mean, please… use a single shred of common sense. We’ve become a society of scared automatons.

The ATHF guerrilla marketing campaign is brilliant. I’ve seen these ads all over Seattle where no one gave it a second thought, in other cities they’ve had to censor the middle finger as it can be offensive. What the fuck has this world come to? Anyway, my hats off to Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens who ran this campaign. They are geniuses.

Here’s a fantastic video of their press conference, where they INSIST on discussing hair styles from the ’70’s instead of actually taking this seriously. They take this as serious as they are supposed to. Good job fellas. Keep doing this great work.

Here’s the video of them taking away our freedoms… uh, I mean… installing light brites.

…and now thanks to the power of the internet you can buy a little piece of our freedoms disappearing for the low low price of $400. Oh, and if you see me, ask me to do my Meatwad imitation. It’s spot on.


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Yes kiddies, the animated short cartoon series is now a full length movie. Instead of 10 minutes, you

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