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Ruby invasion – day 2

So I spent the better part of today learning the rest of Ruby basics. Since I have limited experience with Perl and Java, this has been a tiny bit challenging. Regexp took some time to understand, for example. Adding an

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My new Ruby

I’ve decided that its time to learn a new programming language and after much thought, I’ve decided to learn Ruby. In just the first couple hours of playing with Ruby, I’ve found that it is both a powerful and yet

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Blog site has been updated

I’ve updated my blog to the latest version of CommunityServer, running ASP.NET 2.0. The site looks better, but all of my widgets have been removed. I’ll be playing around with this for a few days.

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Final Pix from Rio

During the 2nd to last day in Rio, we spent time going to Santa Teresa up in the hills. Santa Teresa is known for its Eurpoean influence and unfortunately its crime. We heard too many stories of people getting mugged

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Happy New Year 2007 from Rio de Janeiro

I’ve updated my flickr account with more pix. I’ll add comments and tags again soon. Meanwhile here’s a video to the crowds of people on Copacabana beach last night….if the video fails to load, go look at it here: 

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