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Secret work spot!

My favorite work area has just changed. Instead of going to the same old coffee shops, today was so nice outside that I was determined to find a place to work where I could enjoy the sun. Well, I may

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Spring Football, Spring Sunshine and Spring Biz

This past weekend was a blast. It started on Saturday with another installment of our wine tasting parties. This time the wine tasting was at our new furnished house, now known as “The Vortex”. It’s been dubbed the Vortex because

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Why would you wiki?

I’m going to rant for a little bit here. If you find my rants boring, then stop reading now. Since when did Wiki’s become the defacto standard for information managment? To me, it feels like we took 3 steps backwards

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Woah, things are moving fast

Things at my company are moving at rocket speeds. We entered the ESIF competition that NWEN holds each year, and unfortunately we didn’t get picked to present. However, we decided to enter the UW Business Plan Competition. This required us

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