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The time is right

As my venture begins to gain a little bit of steam, it has become apparent that the time is right to seek major funding. There’s a group of us currently working on the specifics to what that means, but needless

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Sometimes good, sometimes bad – yet more Pearl Jam

Whew. I busted my butt over the last couple days preparing my application for ESIF, and I finally submitted it this morning. As I finished the app, I was rewarded with yet another new Pearl Jam song from their new

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Rollin’, rollin’, keep them dogs a ‘rollin

I hurt. It feels like I went the distance with Mike Tyson and he didn’t even bite my ear. I gave an investor presentation last night to the Accelerate Panel, and though I expected critical feedback I didn’t expect to leave

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Marketing masters – Pearl Jam

Everyone was so hyped up about the new single that not only did Pearl Jam release it two days early, but they also released the tour dates for the first leg of the North American tour. The only place that

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New Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide

I don’t know how much I’ve talked about this in my blog, but I’m a HUGE Pearl Jam fan. I used to listen to them way back in ’91 when I’d ride my mountain bike to college each morning. I’ve

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