What’s with the 80’s outfits?

My brother-in-law runs a local record label here in Columbus, so I joined him last night to scout out new talent at a few local clubs. The bands were so-so, but what’s the hell is up with the early 80’s fashions that people are wearing today. I didn’t like the fashions when they came out 20 years ago, and I don’t like them now. Admittedly, I’m no master of fashion, but those outfits either make you look like a whore or a homosexual. And unless you are actually a whore or a homosexual, the outfit does NOT add to your demeanour.

Oh, if you are going to wear a Ramones T-shirt, you need to fit into one of two categories to prevent me from stereotyping you as a poser: 1) Be old enough to actually had seen the Ramones live, I mean they played over 2000 shows but they stopped touring years ago, so if you are old enough chances are likely that you had seen them play live or 2) know at least one other Ramones song other than “Rock and Roll High School” or “Hey Ho Let’s Go”. I saw 2 different kids about 15 years old wearing Ramones shirts last night. Ugh, Joey must be rolling in his grave.

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