Painting is not in my future

Todayís journey was pretty straightforward. I really wanted to get to Columbus as quick as I could, thus I drove on interstates for most of my travel. I did, however, make one very important stop in Alexandria, IN at the Worldís Largest Ball of Paint. In fact, they have an incredible website, . As you drive thru Alexandria, there are no signs telling you where to go, but thanks to my handy dandy GPS and maps, I was able to pinpoint the directions pretty quickly. Once located, I found the ball in a residential house that only had a very small sign. I parked in the driveway and began talking to Mike, the son of the man who created the ball. Turns out his Dad originally started painting the ball a long time ago but gave up the act of painting to focus on other things. When Mike was three, his father began painting the ball again, and hasnít stopped since then. At least one coat of paint has been put on each day. You can see me applying coat number 18915.

I even got a picture of ball after it was painted with Mike standing beside it. They have very little marketing behind this attraction which is too bad, as I probably would have bought a bunch of stuff. They did manage to get Sherwin Williams to sponsor them and pay for the new gallery that they are building. This was a quirky thing which I was very happy to participate in.

As the weather turned to rain, I continued my journey east to Ohio to visit my sister and her family in Columbus. Iíll be spending the next couple days here visiting them and hopefully scampering off to find some other closeby oddball sites.


#1 re: Painting is not in my future

12:00:00 AM Saturday, Jun 25 2005

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to "Blue balls"

#2 re: Painting is not in my future

12:00:00 AM Sunday, Jun 26 2005

The biggest blue ball of my life.

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