Knee high by the 4th of July

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Sorry this isn’t longer, but my travel today was quite boring. My route today took me thru 450+ miles of corn ó miles and miles of corn. As I was driving from Valentine, NE I found this cool sign at a cafe. During my morning drive, I found open stretches of Nebraska road where I could again go over 120 mph. Totally fun. As I drove, I finally made it to Sioux City, Iowa where I stopped for my lunch break. For lunch I had this incredible pork sandwich with this amazing rice that had corn and coconut. In the afternoon, I passed more miles of corn til I reached Waterloo, Iowa.

Iím staying at the Quality Inn in Waterloo which is dirt cheap but has huge roomsÖgo figure. Tomorrow, Iím going to visit the Field of Dreams then head south to Trek Fest. Iíll try to spend the night there (in Riverside, IA) unless they donít have any rooms, whereas Iíll head towards Normal, IL.

The pix tomorrow should be priceless. Stay tuned.


#1 re: Knee high by the 4th of July

12:00:00 AM Friday, Jun 24 2005

People are going to say you’re a geek when you go to TrekFest. Don’t worry, I’ll tell them the truth… yep! he’a geek!

#2 re: Knee high by the 4th of July

12:00:00 AM Saturday, Jun 25 2005

How’d you guess? The fact that I’m keeping a digital diary of my trip?

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