Corny Irony

Today, my brother-in-law, my nephew and I took a quick trip to Dublin, OH to find the infamous Field of Corn. Even though it is a pretty straightforward drive from Worthington to Dublin, we still managed to get lost. Well, to be clear my directions weren’t very good. Anyway, after driving around for an hour looking for this thing, we managed to call the Dublin City Commerce Office and they were able to give us accurate directions. I did a little reading about this place before we went, and I understood that it was originally created in an old corn field, by a farmer who wanted to demonstrate the plight of farmers everywhere. How shocked was I to find this Field of Corn is now corporate artwork for some high tech company in Dublin. Holy Cow, the irony is just amazing. I did manage to take another broad photo and one depth of field shot.

We decided not to visit the big building that is shaped like a wicker basket. I’ll stop and check it out on my trip up to Youngstown on Wednesday. Oh, one bit of good news! I found out that my auto insurance will cover the replacement for my windshield for my baby Porsche. Yay! (well, except for the deductible of course).


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12:00:00 AM Monday, Jun 27 2005

Interesting note. The books all mention this as artwork as something describing the farmers plight, but as I read the website mentioned in this post, this was created to show how hybrid corn is the wave of the future. So who knows why the hell this was created?

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12:00:00 AM Monday, Jun 27 2005

The wicker basket place is called the Longaberger Basket factory. Dawn’s mom collects their $300 roll baskets. :-) Take losts of pics so we can send here the link.

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12:00:00 AM Monday, Jun 27 2005

I’m frightened by the things you are finding in Middle Earth. There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home <click, click>

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12:00:00 AM Tuesday, Jun 28 2005

Your Easter basket was a Longaberger. I still have it if you want to take it back with you.

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